Philippine military to China: Who is the victim?

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) today said that there is nothing wrong with the repairs being done in BRP Sierra Madre (LT-57), a vessel grounded at Ayunging Shoal. “What the Navy is doing is merely improving the accommodations of our troops deployed there,” the new APF Public Affairs Office (AFP-PAO) Chief Lt. Col. Noel Detoyato said in Filipino.

“It is the moral obligation of the Navy to take care of its people,” he added.

China earlier claimed to be the victim in West Philippines Sea dispute.

Lt. Col. Detoyato said BRP Sierra Madre “is in Philippine waters, so who is the victim. They are the ones who are driving away our fishermen from our waters. They are now starting to believe their own propaganda.”

The military official also brushes off China’s claim that Philippines is the troublemaker. “It’s not true, 105 million Filipinos will not believe that.”

Lt. Col. Detoyato accepted the symbols of authority of the AFP-PAO from outgoing AFP-PAO Chief Lt. Col. Harold M. Cabunoc today.