Day 2 Update: Philippine legal team sums up First Round of Arguments

For the second day – Tuesday, July 8 – of First Round of Arguments the Philippine legal team further explained how the case does not constitute specific exemptions under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which would preclude the tribunal from exercising jurisdiction over the case.

During the morning session, Professor Philippe Sands of Matrix Chambers in London briefly addressed questions propounded by a member of the tribunal from yesterday’s hearing, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said in a statement.

Members of Philippine legal team, Lawrence H. Martin from Foley Hoag LLP, Professor Bernard H. Oxman from University of Miami School of Law and chief counsel for the Philippines Paul S. Reichler took turns presenting arguments involving various points on why the Philippines’ claims fall squarely within the jurisdiction of the tribunal.

In the afternoon session, Professor Alan Boyle of Essex Court Chambers presented to the tribunal arguments regarding the strength of the Philippines’ environmental and fishing claims against China, Valte said.

Professor Sands closed the First Round of Arguments by summarizing the submissions of the Philippines presented in the course of the hearings.

The Philippine legal team is tackling the issue, raised by China, on Arbitral Tribunal’s jurisdiction over the case. The arbitration tribunal is expected to come up with a decision on jurisdictional issue from August to September. After the jurisdictional issue has been resolved another hearing is expected to be held in November this year.

Decision on Philippines’ case against the validity of China’s ambitious claim insisting sovereignty on virtually the entire West Philippine Sea is expected early 2016.