Entire Mindanao should undergo modernization – Senator Bongbong

The best way to solve the problem in Muslim Mindanao is to modernize entire Mindanao, Senator Bonbong Marcos said in his speech addressing Philippine Constitution Association last June 30. “Defeating the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law may be easy. Coming up with something that will work is clearly the better strategy.”

“From our studies of the problems in Muslim Mindanao and the whole of Mindanao, I am convinced that the best approach is a full-scale modernization program for all of Mindanao – politically, economically, socially and culturally,” Senator Bongbong said.

“With the kind of money and numbers that this administration is prepared to commit to its BBL experiment, we can design the equivalent of an accelerated development plan for Mindanao,” he added.

“If we combine internal funds with financial assistance from international institutions and foreign countries, we can mobilize funds on a scale that will not fall short of effecting the full transformation of Mindanao into a hive of modernization and productivity for the nation.”

He said modernization of Mindanao may consist of “full-scale pacification and law enforcement program to bring to a halt the various insurgencies and rebellions in Mindanao.”

Senator Bongbong added that infrastructures, railway system, Civil Service, public services by the government and the private sector should also be modernized in Mindanao.