United States says China doing a ‘Russia’ in West PHL Sea

The United States likens China’s action in West Philippine Sea to what Russia is doing in eastern Ukraine. “In both eastern Ukraine and the South China Sea, we’re witnessing efforts to unilaterally and coercively change the status quo,” US Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said June 26 at Washington.

He added that these are “transgressions that the United States and our allies and partners stand united against.”

“That’s the case in eastern Ukraine, where the United States and our allies remain firmly united in our support for Ukraine and our commitment to hold Moscow to a full implementation of the Minsk agreements,” the US Deputy Secretary of State said.

“And it’s the case in the South China Sea, where China has been engaged in large-scale land reclamation projects that threaten peace and stability,” he added.

He noted that US does not take sides on disputes “but we have a strong interest in how those claims are pursued, and in preserving freedom of navigation, sustaining peace and stability, and upholding international law and norms.”

“The way forward is for China and all claimants to freeze their reclamation activities and resolve their differences in accordance with the rule of law,” Blinken said.