PNP OIC Espina tells cops lessen rice consumption, have healthy lifestyle

Philippine National Police Officer-in-Charge Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina tells police officers to stay fit and have a healthy diet to better perform their duties and responsibilities as peace keepers and law enforcers. “Eat lesser amount of rice and exercise,” Espina said during hi command visit at Police Regional Office in La Trinidad, Benguet on June 19.

He said that police officers should not have big bellies. “Dapat hindi lumalaki ang tiyan kaya dapat huwag maging malupit sa kanin,” PNP OIC Espina said.

Expina believes that all members of the police force must exercise regularly and most importantly, maintain proper diet and have regular medical check-up.

He emphasized that being physically fit and maintaining their health is part of the discipline of police officers which is needed in performing their duties and responsibilities.

In previous PNP Health Service research, it was revealed that more than half of the personnel at the PNP headquarters are overweight and one of 10 is obese.

He called on the leaders of the PRO-Cor to spearhead a regular physical fitness program to maintain the health and fitness of the policemen including those in the provincial offices down to the municipal and city police stations.

The activities include running around the camp followed by push-ups, pull-ups, barracks and other physical exercises which are needed by the police officers even those who are aging.