EXCLUSIVE: COA says delivery of FA-50 from Korea in any way not affected

UPDATED: The Commission on Audit responded to Ang Malaya Net’s inquiry regarding notice of suspension issued for three aircraft acquisition projects entered by the Department of National Defense for Philippine Air Force. COA clarified that it did not suspend the acquisition projects contrary to report of Manila Times.

The Commission said, in an email response to Ang Malaya Net, “the COA did not suspend the aircraft deals, we only issued a notice of suspension because we are still awaiting some documents from DND needed for our Audit.”

Ang Malaya Net asked the Commission if the said order will delay the delivery of FA-50 from South Korea.

“As for your other question, our Notice of Suspension does not in any way affect the delivery of the fighter jets from Korea,” COA said.

Included in the notice of suspension are 21 refurbished UH-1 helicopter, twelve FA-50 aircraft deal with Korea Aerospace Industries and eight Bell 412EP combat utility helicopter deal with Bell Helicopter Canada.

“The COA merely suspended their scheduled audit pending the submission of additional requirements and data from the Department of National Defense (DND). Thus, the acquisition of the Bell 412 helicopters and the FA-50 jets are ongoing,” DND said in a statement.

The report from Manila Times says “the Commission on Audit (COA) has ordered the suspension of three aircraft acquisition deals forged by the Defense department after state auditors red-flagged them for irregularities.”