Delivery of 48 MRT3 train cars from China starts January 2016

The Department of Transportation and Communications is expecting the delivery of forty-eight new light rail vehicles for the Metro Rail Transit III to start in January 2016. “The monthly delivery of three train cars should start in late January 2016,” DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya said.

These LRVs are being manufactured in Dalian, China.

“As reported by the joint DOTC and MRT-3 team, the prototype is on-schedule for delivery in mid-August. The dynamic testing phase will start in November, which is when the prototype’s bogies will arrive,” the transportation and communications chief said.

The project implementation team indicates that the prototype appears to be of good and reliable quality. Better traction motors to incorporate alternating current (AC) technology was used instead of direct current (DC) system presently being used, which means less maintenance needs in the future.

“What is important to us is that the train cars, once delivered, will be safe and reliable. So we prefer to be thorough with the manufacture, assembly, checking, and testing of the prototype,” Abaya noted.