Binay says Aquino government a failure, insensible: Declares to lead the opposition

Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, in his speech today at Coconut Palace, hits the Aquino administration for having an insensible and failure government. “I resigned from the Cabinet because I don’t want my programs which succeeded in Makati that I want to be implemented throughout the country be discredited and put to waste.”

“It is my dream to have an effective government so that more, and not few, will benefit from the economic growth that we will achieve,” he added. “We should have a government which listens and have real concerns especially to the poor.”

He added that with his interaction with various provinces, our fellow citizens extended that they do not feel the development the country is having.

He also also noted that while he is being harassed and persecuted, the administration allies are allowed to continue their widespread anomalies, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the corruption in MRT, and the SAF 44 massacre in Mamasapano.

He also declared that he will now lead the opposition. “I’m Jojo Binay, your vice president, always said I’m proud to be real Filipino in heart and mind. I’ll will be with you for better or for worst, and now will lead the opposition.”

In response, Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said “in the five years of service to President Aquino, he [Binay] has never spoken ill of the governance policies of the President. Still, he has made the unfortunate choice to commence his presidential run with statements he could have otherwise discussed with the President as a Cabinet member but chose not to.”