Lacierda says Chinese envoy at UN is entitled to his ‘erroneous opinion’

Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Edwin Lacierda said China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to United Nations Wang Min is entitled to his wrong opinion. The Chinese envoy had a clash with Philippines Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Lourdes Yparraguirre during the 25th Meeting of States Parties to the United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS).

Wang was the head of the Chinese delegation during the said meeting held June 8 to 12.

Philippine Ambassador Yparraguirre told delegates at the meeting that UNCLoS, the constitution for the oceans, is being threatened by China’s behavior in West Philippine Sea. She explained how China’s reclamation activities damaged marine ecosystem and biodiversity that took many centuries to develop.

In response, the Chinese envoy said the Meeting of States Parties to UNCLoS is not the venue to raise South China Sea issue. “China’s will to safeguard her sovereignty and territorial integrity is rock firm. No matter what and how much they say at this meeting or any UN venues, they will never get their way,” Wang said.

Commenting on Ambassador Wang’s statement, Lacierda said “the Chinese envoy is entitled to his erroneous opinion.”