China says Japan acting ‘abnormal’ in West Philippine Sea

The Chinese government says that Japan is behaving in West Philippine Sea “in an abnormal way”. “Recently it has behaved in an abnormal way, deliberately thrust a hand in the South China Sea issue, driven a wedge among regional countries and maliciously created tensions in the South China Sea,” Foreign Affairs Ministry of China said in a regular press conference Friday.

“Japan’s moves do no good to solve the South China Sea disputes, or safeguard peace and stability of the South China Sea,” the Chinese spokesman added. “It also severely damages the political and security mutual trust between China and Japan, and runs counter to the momentum of improving bilateral relations.”

“We once again urge the Japanese side to abide by its commitment of not taking sides on the South China Sea disputes, put an immediate end to the hyping up of the South China Sea issue and groundless accusations against China, stop provoking conflicts among different parties for self-serving interests, genuinely maintain the momentum of improving Sino-Japanese relations and respect the efforts by China and ASEAN countries to safeguard peace and stability of the South China Sea,” the spokesman further said.

Navies of Japan and Philippines are set to conduct joint maritime training and talks on June 22 to 26. Maritime training part of the said navy-to-navy engagement will be held in West Philippine Sea.

“This Navy-to-Navy engagement envisions to share new tactics, techniques, and procedures as well as best practices to further maritime operations especially now that the Philippines is nearing the rainy season,” Philippine Navy spokesman Colonel Edgard Arevalo said.