Fil-Chinese community celebrates PHL Independence Day: Celebration of Fil-Chinese friendship, diplomatic relations dropped

The Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry drops 2 events in the supposedly three-in-one celebration Monday, June 8. The group of Fil-Chinese businessmen used to celebrate three events in one occasion: the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day, the establishment of Philippines-China diplomatic relations and Philippine Independence Day, however, this year they decided to only celebrate the 117th Philippine Independence Day.

FFCCCII President Angel Ngu, who was with President Aquino in Japan, said that he called an emergency meeting Saturday. “It’s our decision to change it.”

“We saw that in the West Philippine Sea the tension seems to be escalating. So we think as Filipinos, we think perhaps this is not a good time,” Ngu said.

“First of all, it should be a good relationship, given what’s been happening, I think we have to keep ourselves for our Independence Day rather than have a celebration of Filipino-Chinese friendship day.”

After President Aquino compared the Chinese government to Nazi Germany, Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua had a press conference. “Such a comment made by the Philippine president seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people,” he said.

“It’s an irresponsible act to compare China, an ally of the Philippines during the World War II, to Nazi Germany,” the Chinese envoy added.

It can be remembered that during the reception for the 65th founding anniversary of People’s Republic China last year the Chinese envoy broke the tradition by not ending his speech with a toast for Philippine president’s good health.

Instead, he ended by proposing “a toast to the prosperity and happiness of our peoples, to the friendship and cooperation between China and the Philippines, to the health of all the guests.”