Bongbong suggests BBL bill substitute

After 14 public hearings, chairman of the senate committee handling Bangsamoro Basic Law Senator Ferdinand Marcos came out with an alternate for BBL bill or Senate Bill 2408. He cited several provisions in the said bill that run against the constitution.

He said, granting of some exclusive powers to the Bangsamoro government implies that the central government recognizes another, and more supreme, authority within the State – an anomaly which is not authorized by the Constitution.

“Given the complexities on the constitutionality of the BBL, I am at a loss as to why we are being pressured to sign off on this important piece of legislation,” he said. “Not to mention the other debatable parts of the proposed law.”

“Mr. President (Senate President Franklin Drillon), I cannot support the BBL in its present form. May inihahanda akong kapalit nito na makabubuti sa lahat,” Marcos said in his privilege speech June 3.

For Senator Drillon, Marcos’ statement should not cause much concern. “This is the position of the senators from the start, we will examine closely the BBL.”

“Nobody has said that we will not revise the BBL as submitted by the Palace. We have always said that we will review and make sure that the BBL is within the four corners of the Constitution. This is something that all senators agree on,” the Senate president said. “I have my own studies but I will not make it public until the debates are in the floor.”

“The Senate is a collegial body. No one can dictate. The senators are all independent. They have their own independent assessment of the situation and we will debate on this,” Drilon said.