Bangsamoro police in BBL may turn into private army – Bongbong

Senator Bongbong Marcos said Bangsamoro police, proposed in Bangsamoro Basic Law, may turn into private army. Marcos – chair of Senate Committee on Local Government lead committee handling BBL – said he would ensure the Bangsamoro police that would turn into anybody’s private army.

Marcos stressed that local control was not given to prevent the local police from turning into private army of sitting elected political official. He cited his experience as Governor of Ilocos Norte, Marcos said that while the provincial government provided support to the Philippine National Police he could not issue any directive to the police in the same manner the PNP provincial director does.

He said the problem is “it is not clear what exactly is the relationship of the Bangsamoro Police when it comes to the chain of command. Where does the Chief Minister comes in the chain of command?”

Under the draft BBL, the Bangsamoro police will be headed by a Bangsamoro Police Director who will have two deputies. All these officials “will be selected by the Chief Minister”.

To address these concerns Marcos said the committee plans to introduce explicit provision in the BBL not only to clarify the role of the Bangsamoro Chief Minister in the police chain of command, but also the requirements in the hiring of Bangsamoro police.

“The critical point here is we want a consistency across the country about the quality of our policemen,” Marcos said.