China challenges most advanced US patrol aircraft

China’s PLA Navy challenges an most advanced surveillance patrol aircraft P8-A Poseidon of United States military in South China Sea, Wednesday, May 20. “This is the Chinese navy … This is the Chinese navy … Please go away … to avoid misunderstanding,” the PLA Navy said as quoted by CNN whose Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto was on-board.

“The aircraft flew at 15,000 feet in the air at its lowest point, but the U.S. is considering flying such surveillance missions even closer over the islands, as well as sailing U.S. warships within miles of them, as part of the new, more robust U.S. military posture in the area,” CNN reports.

The said aircraft took-off from Clark Air Base in Pampanga.

US Navy said “the mission documented the continued expansion of reefs which have been turned into man-made islands with airport infrastructure in the South China Sea.”

“The incident shows the extent to which China is willing to disregard international laws and freedom of flight and navigation,” Department of National Defense spokesperson Dr. Peter Paul Galvez said.

“These actions further increase risk of irreparable miscalculations and untoward incidents,” Galvez added.