Binay wants to bring his leadership style in Malacañang

Vice President Jejomar Binay is aiming to bring his leadership style and experience to Malacañang. Binay, as mayor, governed Makati City for two decades. “I sincerely believe that the issue in this coming election – for the presidency particularly – is experience and competence,” he said.

Aside from taking a dig to his possible opponents in the top post next year, he also criticized the current Aquino administration in which he is a Cabinet member.

“We have undergone and still undergoing so many things that could not have been serious problems were it not for the fact that one does not have experience and competence,” the vice president said.

Binay is currently facing massive corruption allegations arising from projects allegedly anomalous in Makati City. Five of his bank accounts plus 237 bank accounts owned by his family and allies were ordered freeze by the court.