After Senate hearing on West Philippine Sea: Next step would be more brainstorming

In a press interview after a hearing about the aggressiveness of China in West Philippine Sea, Senator TG Guingona said the next step would be “more brainstorming.”

“Right now there are only two options,” he said. “They were saying military option, that we need to build up the military. Then there’s the diplomatic option.”

He said that other option would be people-to-people option. “The other options might be: why not the governor of Hainan, governor of Pangasinan and Zambales talk together? Make it a local government issue. People to people issue.”

“Why not set aside the territorial claims muna so that fishermen of all nations can fish there? And put aside a sanctuary for the giant clams. Yung mga ganun na out of the box, para at least, slowly, we can show that cooperation can be done, and that the need to use military force need not be done,” the senator adds.

During the said hearing at senate, the military said that there were at least six incidents where Chinese government challenged Philippine military patrol planes.