China now confused, very good at concocting stories

The Department of National Defense says that China is now confused. The statement of DND comes after China said Philippines violates the 2002 Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea by initiating an international arbitration and by building an airstrip in Pagasa Island and grounding of vessel in Ayungin shoal. The communist country also accuses Philippines of building structures in disputed territories which violates the DOC.

“All that the Philippines has done is an obvious breach of the DOC,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Tuesday. It added that “the Chinese side does not recognize the “status quo” of Philippines’ illegal occupation of relevant maritime features of the Nansha Islands (Spratly Islands).”

China added that Philippines “exerts itself to defame and smear China on regional and international occasions.”

In response, DND spokesperson Peter Paul Galvez said “they are saying too many things, now they are confused. What they should do is to stop all activities in West Philippine Sea, dismantle structures and apologize to the international community for the massive environmental degradation they committed.”

“They are the ones provoking and dragging peace focused nations into this tense situation. All other nations have been dealing with this in a peaceful, diplomatic and rules based manner,” the Defense official added.

“They are very good at concocting stories and misleading statements,” he said.