Veloso family will only say sorry, forgive Aquino if Mary Jane is back, saved from death

The Veloso family said they will only ask for forgiveness from President Aquino if their convicted drug trafficker daughter Mary Jane is already saved from firing squad and back in the country. It can be remembered that MJ was given a chance to stay by Indonesia President Joko Widodo to be able to testify against her illegal recruiter.

Mary Jane was temporarily taken out of death row but 8 other drug convicts in Indonesia were executed.

Instead of thanking the government and Aquino, Veloso family hit the government and vowed to make the government pay for the fate of their daughter. The family gave credit to leftist group Migrante.

We will not yet say sorry to President Aquino, we will not completely forgive him until Mary Jane is back and free, Celia Veloso said in an interview with ABS-CBN’s Anthony Taberna. They added that the government only acted on Mary Jane’s case in the last two minutes. (“Kung may nagawa po talaga siya, ay maraming salamat,” Ceasar Veloso, father of MJ.)

They added that no one is coaching them on what to say adding that they have their own minds.