Thai national who called Filipinos ‘pignoys’, ‘stupid creatures on earth’ sees deportation

“Based on our records, Kosin is working under a special non-immigrant visa based on Section 47(a)(2) of the Philippine Immigration Act. The visa will be eventually cancelled should he be determined to be undesirable,” Bureau of Immigration spokesperson Elaine Tan said.

Thai national Prasertsri Kosin, known online as Koko Narak, made several statements against Filipinos. He said Filipinos are not fitted to work in office and that working as ‘maid’ and ‘toilet licker’ are the better jobs for Filipinos.

The Thai national also said that Filipinos are ‘stupid creatures on earth’ and ‘pignoys’.

He has been in the country for three years and works in a business process outsourcing firm, Cognizant Philippines.

“We cannot say at this point how long the proceedings will go,” the immigration spokesperson said. “It may take two to six months depending on the evidence presented and the cooperation of the parties.”

Tan added that Kosin may “admit the charge against him and opt for voluntary deportation in order to expedite the proceedings.”

If deported, Prasertsri Kosin will be barred to return. He will be included in BI’s blacklist.