Cambodia Prime Minister believes Pacquiao won: Not paying $5 thousand bet

Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen placed his bet on Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, however, he won’t pay the USD 5,000 for he believes Pacquiao won against Floyd Mayweather Jr., Cambodia Daily reports.

The 62-year-old Prime Minister said during the National Road 55 in Pursat province ground-breaking ceremony, “yesterday, those of us watching couldn’t give a point for Floyd, but the three judges unanimously decided that Floyd won.”

“I send a message to American judges to provide an explanation for why Floyd won. Floyd was just running around—blocking and avoiding—while Pacquiao repeatedly threw more and more punches, punching him to lie against the ropes,” Mr. Hun Sen said.

“Now if we are talking about yesterday’s fight, I owe you, but I will not pay,” he added.

“I didn’t expect that American judges would be so weak,” he said. “I just know America clearly now. Judges made a unanimous decision to make a winner become a loser,” the prime minister added.

“Now [I] hear voices of Filipino brothers and sisters who want a rematch,” he said. “Fighting on their land, they would not allow us to win unless Floyd was beaten to death.”

“When it reached the 10th round, I said to brother Heng Samrin and brother Ek Sam Ol, ‘Right now if Floyd cannot knock Pacquiao out, it means he will lose on points,’” Mr. Hun Sen said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen believes “Pacquiao doesn’t need to get disappointed because it’s an injustice created by judges. If I were Floyd, I would consider [the match] a draw.”