Moro Islamic Liberation Front claiming credit for Usman’s death

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is claiming credit for the death of terrorist and bomber Basit Usman. This is contrary to initial report of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that Usman was killed in a shootout with and among his own men.

MILF Vice Chairman Ghazali Jaafar said in a televised report by ABS-CBN that they have a standing order on Usman’s arrest. He said Usman was arrested by MILF’s 118th Base Command, however, Usman and his men resisted resulting to a gun fight that caused his and his men’s death.

Jaafar added that they are not interested with the one million US dollar reward from United States for the said terrorist’s head.

“The terrorist Basit Usman, who had been one of the subjects of the recent military All-out Offensive that started last February 27, 2015, died in a shootout with and among his own members,” the military said on today.

The military added that upon hearing exchanges of fires, MILF members rushed to the area of Usman and found dead bodies as well as the firearms scattered in the area upon arrival.