General Catapang confirms death of Basit Usman: He died after a gun fight with followers

The Armed Forces of the Philippines confirms the death of Filipino terrorist, bomber Basit Usman together with five of his terrorist followers mid-day of May 3. Usman was killed after a gun fight erupted within his group in Guindulungan town, Maguindanao before noon Sunday.

“I confirm the death of Basit Usman, the terrorist-bomber who is responsible for the countless deaths of civilians in a series of bombings in Mindanao,” AFP chief General Catapang said. “MILF members who are temporarily staying at the said camp rushed to the scene and discovered the dead bodies along with the recoveries including an M60 General Purpose Machine Gun, 1 RPG and a Cal. 5.56mm Bushmaster Rifle.”

“The AFP is validating the reports that Usman became distrustful of some of his own men after the series of encounters between the AFP and his group in the past two months,” Catapang added.

Reports reaching the AFP Headquarters say that trust between Usman and his men faded due to the USD1 million reward money for Usman’s head.

“A final version of the military report will be released to the public once the After Operations Report related to this incident will be submitted by our line units,” the General noted.

Earlier unconfirmed reports say Usman was killed by a group of MILF.