Basit Usman reportedly killed by Moro Islamic Liberation Front: AFP verifying on ground

While Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is fighting inside the ring against Floyd Mayweather Jr., a unit of Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebel fighters encountered the group of bomb-maker Basit Usman at Muti in the town of Guindolongan, Maguindanao. The said encounter reportedly killed the bomb-maker.

Usman was known to be the right hand of Zulkifli bin Hi alias Marwan who were allegedly coddled by MILF breakaway group Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. He is one of the main targets during the January 25 PNP-SAF operation where 44 troopers were massacred.

According to reports, Usman was killed in the same territory where BIFF founder Ameril Umbra Kato took refuge and died.

6th Infantry Division of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is confirming the death of Basit Usman. “We’re still getting verification and confirmation on the ground,” AFP spokesman Brigadier General Joselito Kakilala said.