Senator Pia narrates how a snatcher in Spain victimized her

Senator Pia Cayetano narrates in her social networking page how she was victimized by a snatcher in Madrid, Spain. “On a rainy Sunday morning, I was running the streets of Madrid, Spain as a participant in the Madrid Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon,” the lady senator said.

However, in the afternoon Cayetano went out again for a run. “As I was walking along an alley, glued to the Google maps on my phone, a bike swept past me as I saw a hand reach out and grab my phone!,” she said.

“I ran after him but as he picked up speed on the bike, I threw my charger at him, hoping it would knock him out. But of course it didn’t, so I started shouting for help,” Senator Pia added. As a result of shouting for help, “big guys across the street heard me and pulled him off his bike and pinned him to the ground.”

“Police arrived in a few minutes and took me to the police station to file my report. Not one to let an opportunity pass, I practiced my Spanish on the police and gave my testimony in Spanish,” she further adds.

The senator said one of the lessons she learned was “always be on guard wherever you are.”