Jinggoy on bail petition: I am really frustrated with what’s happening

“I am saddened by the frequent delays in the bail application. Given that the court process on bail petition should be summary in nature, the case is really moving at a snail’s pace, sometimes it is not moving at all, it’s stationary,” detained Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada said today.

“I am really frustrated with what’s happening,” the senator adds. He said aside from days are passing, there are times that the prosecution is not prepared for bail hearings.

He noted that sometimes prosecution’s witness is absent and if the court does not allow a witness to stand “walang nakahandang ibang testigo na pwedeng iharap ng prosekusyon.”

“Talagang sinasadya nila na mapatagal at ma-delay ang pagdinig sa aking kaso,” he added.

“At one time [April 13], the hearing was cancelled because the prosecutors are attending their MCLE seminar. They could have scheduled it at some other time,” the senator said.

Estrada notes hearing for his bail petition is now on the 10th month.