Fishing boat captain tells how Chinese Coast Guard treated them as ‘pigs’ in Scarborough Shoal

Valeriano Quimson, a fishing boat captain in Mariveles, Bataan told the government-owned news agency how Chinese Coast Guard treated Filipino fishermen in Scarborough Shoal. “What had happened to our fishermen is so pity as if they were pigs being driven away by the Chinese,” Quimson said as quoted by Philippine News Agency.

In April 12, a day after they arrive in Scarborough, personnel of Chinese Coast Guard confiscated their catch and forcibly pulled their hooks. “They threw the fish and fishing hooks to the sea,” he said.

The Chinese then boarded their boat. “One of them pointed a long gun at me,” Quimson added.

After the said incident they chose to go to other parts of Scarborough Shoal. Chinese Coast Guard were not visible for days. “In the morning of April 18, I went down from our mother boat and boarded to the service banca to go fishing. However, I saw that the boat of the Chinese Coast Guard was coming. That is why I decided to return, but the service banca got troubled,” he said.

“They also got again our catch and fishing hooks but they did threw the fish to the sea and instead put the fish into their rubber boats,” Quimson said.

“The spray of the water cannon was too strong that thrown away two of my crew and the operator of the steering wheel was also affected. He was also hit by water cannon,” he added. “All our things, including the generators and appliances were destroyed. Our cellphones and clothes floated into the water.”