Lacson confirms presidential bid: Wants death penalty back

“My platform of government remains to be what I started as a Senator and that is to eradicate graft and corruption in the government,” former Senator Ping Lacson said today confirming that he is running for president next year as an independent candidate, Philippine government-owned news agency reports.

He also stated his views on several issues that the country is currently facing. On the issue of peace talks in Mindanao, he said sub-regions should be established to cater different needs of tribes like Tausug, Maranao and the Maguindanao. He added that Bangsamoro Basic Law has flaws and should be looked into prior to approval.

Lacson also said death penalty, once protected the Filipino people against crimes, should be restored.

The only confirmed opponent of Lacson next year is Vice President Binay, while Secretary Mar Roxas is yet to officially confirm. Among the possible opponents are Davao Mayor Duterte, Senators Grace Poe, Miriam Santiago, Alan Cayetano and Bongbong Marcos.