China’s prediction of better relationship with Philippines post-Aquino possible with Binay

China is expecting to enjoy a better relationship after the Aquino administration, China’s National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS) said last year. “We used to enjoy our good relationship, economically and politically. The Philippines is China’s bigger neighbor,” NISCSS president Wu Shicun said.

“In this regard, I am optimistic that maybe after 2016, China will enjoy better relationship that it enjoyed before,” Wu Shicun added. NISCSS operates to provide the Chinese government with policy guidance regarding South China Sea issues.

The prediction of China may come true if Vice President Jejomar Binay becomes the next president of the country.

Today, Binay said he is open in a joint venture with China to explore oil and gas in West Philippine Sea. “China has all the capital and we have the property so why don’t we try and develop that property as a joint venture,” he told reporters while in Jakarta, Indonesia as quoted by Reuters.

Philippines has an ongoing arbitration case against China’s nine-dash line map. Hearing of oral arguments is scheduled to be in July. While decision is expected to be made during the first quarter of 2016.