Chinese leaders told to learn from history or relearn the hard way

“We hope they wake up to the truth before irreparable miscalculations and untoward incidents that would adversely affect not only our region but the community of peace-loving nations occur,” Department of National Defense spokesman Peter Galvez said after China snubbed G7’s declaration regarding West Philippine Sea.

“The adverse effect of their leadership’s decisions will cause them regretful setbacks if they do not deviate from their present actions,” the defense spokesman said. “This is what we have learned from history lest they repeat it and relearn the hard way.”

G7, composed of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States of America with European Union said, “we underline the importance of coastal states refraining from unilateral actions that cause permanent physical change to the marine environment in areas pending final delimitation.”

However, China responded by saying “the situation of this region is generally stable, and relevant cooperation has been moved forward with positive results.” Adding that “disputes should be resolved through negotiation and consultation by countries directly concerned.”