China’s airstrip in West Philippine Sea can accommodate any type of transport, fighter aircraft

China is creating an airstrip approximately 3,110 meters long and can accommodate any type of aircraft that China would want to land on Panganiban Reef (Fiery Cross), Center for Strategic and International Studies-Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (CSIS-AMTI) said showing a satellite imagery dated April 11.

Aircraft that can land includes medium to heavy transport aircraft, generations of fighters, early warning aircraft and UAVs. CSIS-AMTI adds that the reef is now big enough to accommodate hangar facilities.

“We strongly urge China to desist from its reclamation activities in the Panganiban Reef, to respect international law, specifically the UNCLOS and its disputes settlement mechanisms,” Department of Foreign Affairs said in February of this year. “Under the UNCLOS, the Philippines has exclusive right to authorize construction of artificial islands, installations or other structures in the vicinity of Panganiban Reef.”