President Aquino confident Filipinos will vote wisely in 2016

President Benigno Aquino III, who rang the bell today at the Philippine Stock Exchange marking PSEi’s ascent to 8,000 level, said that he “sincerely believe that, next year, Filipinos will choose wisely, and will choose someone who will likewise tread the straight path.”

Aquino first rang the bell at PSE in September 2010 when “the PSE index was on the cusp of breaching the 4,000 level.” The index closed last Friday all-time high at 8,127.48 points.

“Those of you who have bet on the capacity of the Filipino people are already profiting handsomely. Having seen what our countrymen can accomplish, you also know that there is no reason we cannot reach greater heights,” he adds.

President Aquino said he has been bullish on Philippine economy. “The source of my confidence is the Filipino people. Whether here or abroad, whether populating the stock exchange, studying in technical-vocational training centers, or working in offices around the country, the Filipino people have always been our greatest resource.”

“This is why government has made critical investments in healthcare, social services, and education – we want to empower our citizenry to become greater participants in growing the economy,” Aquino told traders.