Trillanes: Now is the time to asses preparedness for any contingency

Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV proposed Senate Resolution No. 1269 that will investigate massive reclamation and dredging activities of China in West Philippine Sea and the alleged downgrading of Philippines’s claim over Sabah.

“This issue of China’s reclamation and dredging activities has grave national and regional security implications. It is high time that we assess our country’s preparedness for any contingency,” said Senator Trillanes, who is the chairman of Senate Committee on National Defense and Security.

Sultan Esmail Kiram II of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo expressed alarm over news reports that the Department of Foreign Affairs offered to drop Sabah claim in exchange for Malaysia’s support to Philippines’ case against China in West Philippine Sea dispute.

“If this allegation is true, the government must explain because this is tantamount to a sellout,” Senator Trillanes said.