China’s wrongdoing can’t be addressed with another wrongdoing – DND

National Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin told reporters on Monday, China’s massive reclamation in disputed maritime territories in West Philippine Sea has big impact on “regional security in terms of freedom of navigation [and] freedom of the air space. We are worried and we continue to stick to our initial reaction which is to apply the rule of law.”

However, Secretary Gazmin said a wrongdoing can’t be dealt with another wrongdoing.

“We continue to launch a protest against the massive [Chinese] reclamation. As you know, we have been following the rule of law and because of this we drew a lot of supporters in terms of our case, the latest of which is the statement of President Obama,” the Defense Secretary explains.

Gazmin noted that the defense department and armed forces need not to detail how they are augmenting troops in West Philippine Sea. “We continue to monitor. We will increase our monitoring capability in these areas.”