Philippine government wants China to stop: Massive reclamation causes US$100 million annual loss

The Department of Foreign Affairs releases a statement after the Chinese government made known its plan in West Philippine Sea. “We cannot accept China’s claim that its activities has not caused damage to the ecological environment of the South China Sea,” the DFA said in a statement published in its official website.

The DFA said Chinese unilateral decision to conduct massive reclamation activities in West Philippine Sea causes irreversible and widespread damage to the biodiversity and ecological balance. China claims that massive reclamation works in West Philippine Sea undergone “scientific assessments and rigorous tests” and consider the full “protection of ecological environment and fishing resources.”

China’s activities disregards “peoples in the surrounding states who have depended on the sea for their livelihood for generations. The destruction of 300 acres of coral reef systems resulting from the reclamations is estimated to lead to economic losses to coastal states valued at US$100 million annually,” DFA explained.

The DFA also raises concern with the statement made by Chinese foreign ministry saying activities in West Philippine Sea will provide “comprehensive services to meet civilian demands and satisfy the need of necessary military defense”.

“We call on China to stop the reclamation activities and to be mindful of its responsibilities as a claimant state and an important member of the international community,” DFA said.