Senator Bongbong: How sure are we this Moro rebel alias Iqbal is not Malaysian

After knowing that the government is dealing with a still unidentified Moro rebel alias Mohagher Iqbal, chairman of the Senate committee on local government Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said the peace deal with Moro Islamic Liberation Front “is entirely the first peace agreement in the world which a government negotiated with a fictitious person.”

“This mocks the entire process and puts in serious question the very sincerity of the rebels to enter into peace with us,” Senator Marcos said. His committee is the lead committee handling proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

He added even though the Moro rebel alias Mohagher Iqbal claims Bangsamoro identity, “as Filipino citizens, they are therefore bound by the laws of the Senate, and therefore, places themselves under the jurisdiction of this august chamber – This Senate has the power to ask, nay require, in aid of legislation, those who appear before us to reveal their true identities. The Senate wants to know if we are negotiating with a ghost or a true person.”

“By using a nom de guerre, and claiming to represent the MILF, this person known as Iqbal places the entire peace process in jeopardy because he lacks the legal status to even represent and negotiate with the government,” Marcos explained.

“How sure are we now that the very one who led this negotiation is a Filipino, and not a Malaysian, or holding dual citizenships,” the senator adds.