“Joint forces of the Coast Guard, Navy and the Bureau of Customs have apprehended a motor launch and its skipper for smuggling rice from Malaysia and seven other violations,” Philippine Coast Guard reports. On April 3, operatives from joint government law enforcement agencies apprehended M/L Al-Althie at the vicinity waters of Barangay Lutuban, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental.

According to the captain the vessel was loaded with 9,000 sacks of Malaysian rice, biscuits, mattress and other dry goods.

The Coast Guard team issued Enforcement Inspection and Apprehension Report (EIAR) to the master of the said vessel with the following violations: unlicensed chief engineer, no certificate of public convenience certificate onboard, no ship station license onboard, no authorization for grain carriage, manning specified by minimum safe, manning documents and no garbage management plan while Bureau of Customs issued warrant seizure and detention order.

Confiscated items were unloaded from the vessel and stored in BOC Dumaguete warehouse for safekeeping.