Armed Forces: Financial, spiritual leader of BIFF arrested, Umbra Kato next

Combined forces of military and police arrested the deputy commander Abdulgani Esmael Pagao of terrorist group BIFF. He is believed to be the financial and spiritual leader of the said bandit group. Pagao was arrested Monday night in Cotabato City. A loaded caliber .45 pistol and a fragmentation grenade were confiscated from Pagao.

Another ranking BIFF leader, Commander Bisaya, was killed in a clash with Army troops in Datu Unsay town on March 29, the military reports.

AFP chief-of-staff Geneneral Gregorio Pio Catapang vowed today that operations will not stop until BIFF commander Ameril Umbra Kato is arrested or neutralized.

General Catapang ordered to end all-out military offensive against the BIFF on Monday, however, calibrated law enforcement actions against the bandits using small unit patrols will continue.

The campaign against BIFF, as of today, caused the death of 151 BIFF men, wounding of 65 and capturing of 12 other BIFF men. While ten soldiers were killed and 33 were wounded.