Military chief on China threat: We are prepared to defend the country

Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief-of-Staff General Gregorio Catapang Jr. said “our job [right now] is just to know what’s happening in the area and it’s up to our national leaders to give us the marching orders of what to do.” The military chief noted that battle for West Philippine Sea is not yet over as the government awaits for the arbitration result. Philippines has nine military installation in West Philippine Sea making a wall of defense protecting the Philippine mainland and country’s EEZ.

These military installation are located at Ayungin, Pag-asa, Lawak, Kota, Likas, Parola, Rizal, Panata, and Patag. However, these outposts are not well equipped.

“What is important now is for our country to become prosperous because our argument is maybe at least we increase our expenditure for our defense and military,” Catapang said in a Monday press briefing as quoted by

“What I’m proposing is that at least 1 percent of the approved national budget will go to the improvement of the capabilities of our defense and military units, to include the Office of Civil Defense.”

General Catapang said China is conducting reclamation works in seven locations. “I don’t know the intention of China for doing this, but what is important is we are prepared to defend the country.”