Cayetano gets death threat for standing against BBL

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano reveals that politicians who are against Bangsamoro Basic Law are in threat. According to Cayetano, his sources told him “there are politicians, or a politician in particular and politicians in general that have to be sacrificed for the BBL to be passed.”

“One report came from an official report, but they requested not to divulge it in public since they are still investigating the report. The threat was specifically for me as a senator,” he said. “Another one, coming from unofficial sources, is referring to politicians.”

He said during a weekly Senate forum with the press, he “really don’t want to talk about it, except that we are aware and I’m being informed, and let me just say that the authorities, without saying what agency of government, is doing their job. I thank them for that despite the fact that I’m not towing the administration’s line, they informed me officially of a possible threat.”