Aquino: Good news has often been relegated to back pages

“There has been so much good news these past few years, and yet, this good news has often been relegated to the back pages of our broadsheets,” President Benigno Aquino III said in his speech during Philippines Investment Forum. The forum was attended by 500 business leaders, investors and policy makers to discuss country’s economic opportunities and challenges for 2015 and years to come.

Aquino admits that his administration has setbacks and challenges, however, his administration also has “impressive number of achievements under our belt.”

“This is why I have made it a point to spread the good news, and why I am always thankful for those who stay balanced and constructive – pointing out areas in which we can improve, while also acknowledging our progress,” the President added.

“We have gained the fiscal space necessary to double the budget of our Department of Education, more than triple the budget of our Department of Health, and increase the budget of our Department of Social Welfare and Development by more than seven times, all without raising taxes, apart from the sin tax.

“By nearly all available measures—be it GDP, global competitiveness rankings, or credit ratings — the Philippines is poised for even more success,” President Aquino noted.