CHR defends Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s sincerity on peace process

Commission on Human Rights is not happy with some of the findings made in the Senate committee report. The said report says MILF leadership does not have absolute control over its armed men and doubts arises on the sincerity of MILF as partner in peace process.

Chairwoman Etta Rosales said “the inability of the MILF leadership to control a few elements of the BIAF (MILF’s armed wing) has nothing to do with its sincerity in entering into peace negotiations.” She added that “in spite of the incident of 25 January 2015, the MILF signed the protocol on implementing the decommissioning of MILF arms and forces only days later, on 29 January 2015.”

“The Commission must likewise express dismay with the Senate Report attributing to the OPAPP and the peace panel ‘excess of optimism — optimism that blinded them to negotiate a fair agreement for the government,’ citing the BBL as an example,” the human rights chief added.

She said that the BBL is now a pending measure in Congress “precisely to give Senators and Members of the House of Representatives the opportunity to review its provisions.”