Six of ten Filipinos from Mindanao disagree passing of BBL – Pulse Asia

According to survey conducted by Pulse Asia from March 1 to 7, four of ten or 44 percent of Filipinos disagree with the passage of Bangsamoro Basic Law that “will eliminate the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao or ARMM and in its place will establish a government called “Bangsamoro”. Bangsamoro will consist of provinces currently under ARMM and other areas in Mindanao.” The same survey also says that 21 percent agree for BBL’s passage, while four of ten or 36 percent of Filipinos are yet to decide. Surveyed individual are aware of BBL and the Mamasapano incident, 88% and 99% respectively.

Pulse Asia also shows in the survey that 6 of 10 (63%) Filipinos from Mindanao disagree with the passage of BBL. Twenty percent of Filipinos from Mindanao supports BBL.

Senator Bongbong Marcos said the result of the survey was “very expected”. He added that the Mamasapano incident affected the trust of Filipinos in the peace process. He said that the trust should be regained.

The senator said one way of regaining trust is through transparency and accountability in the ongoing process of writing Bangsamoro Basic Law to show the people why the government is currently legislating this kind of measure. “So that’s why we are going to – the hearings are all in public.”