Senate committee report: There is one thing the President should be commended for

Senate Committee on Public Order of Senator Poe, lead committee which investigated the January 25 Mamasapano SAF operation, listed one reason on its Executive Summary why President Aquino should be praised. “If there is one thing the President should be commended for, it is his unwavering commitment to finding a genuine and lasting peace in Mindanao.”

“Under his term, finding a political solution to the decades-long violent conflict has been made priority and rightly so,” says in the executive summary.

The report also listed several actions the President made in the course of Oplan Exodus. 1. Allowed PDG Purisima to join the 9 January 2015 meeting at the Bahay Pangarap, where a sensitive and classified PNP operation was being discussed. 2. Instructed PDG Purisima to coordinate Oplan Exodus with the AFP. 3. Communicated exclusively with PDG Purisima in regard the progress of Oplan Exodus on 25 January 2015.

4. Gave instructions to PDG Purisima as to the conduct of Oplan Exodus on 25 January 2015, as when the President sent PDG Purisima a text message reading, “Basit should not get away.

“Perhaps, if the President and the key security officials who were with him in Zamboanga City discussed the incident and shared information with each other at the early stages of the day, coordination between the Army and the PNP might have been hastened and fewer lives would have been lost.

“The President might have stepped in and taken responsibility, especially since he was familiar with the plan. In his defense, the President says he was given inaccurate information, and his orders to coordinate with the PNP hierarchy and AFP were disobeyed,” as written in the executive summary.