Senate committee report: Moro rebels murdered SAF troopers

“Clearly, there was no intent to let any of these men live,” says in the Executive Summary regarding the January 25 Mamasapano Special Action force operation turned massacre made by Senator Grace Poe’s Senate Committee on Public Order. “The SAF troopers were outnumbered by various armed groups in the Pintakasi which included the MILF, BIFF and private armed groups (PAGs). The members of the 55th and 84th Special Action Company (SAC) were no match for the firepower coming from the hundreds of armed men surrounding them,” says in the report.

“The assailants cannot validly claim that its fighters acted in self-defense because of the absence of the element of unlawful aggression on the part of the PNP-SAF troopers. Based on the testimony of the lone survivor from the 55th SAC, the troopers were stationary at the cornfield. The MILF fighters approached and surrounded the 55th SAC, and later on, initiated the firefight with them. On the contrary, the unlawful aggression was on the part of the MILF fighters. The MILF’s claim of self-defense is, therefore, unavailing.”

Poe’s committee recommends filing of murder, frustrated or attempted murder charges, as qualified by the circumstances of “taking advantage of superior strength”, to MILF and BIFF fighters and to other armed individuals who will be identified by Department of Justice.

“As to the taking of the weapons, equipment, uniforms and personal effects of the killed PNP-SAF troopers: 3 Robbery as defined in Article 293 and qualified under Articles 294 and 295 of the Revised Penal Code,” says further in the executive summary.