Philippines submits 3,000-page supplemental documents to Arbitral Tribunal

The Philippine government submitted a 3,000-page supplemental documents to the Arbitral Tribunal on March 16. The submission also answers 26 questions from the Tribunal requesting additional argument and information. The questions were given 16 December 2014.

The Tribunal’s questions relate to issues concerning both the tribunal’s jurisdiction and the merits of the Philippines’ claims, including the Philippines’ principled claim challenging the lawfulness of China’s so-called “nine-dash line”.

The Philippines has submitted detailed responses and extensive additional information. The submission consists of 12 volumes totaling over 3,000 pages. Volume I consists of 200 pages of written argument. Volume II consists of a 200-page Atlas containing detailed information about 49 islands, reefs and other features in the South China Sea, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

It can be remembered that Philippines submitted a 4,000-page memorial to the Tribunal stating the merits and admissibility of the dispute last March 30, 2014.