One in four Filipinos distrusts, disapproves President Aquino’s recent performance

According to Pulse Asia’s March 2015 Ulat ng Bayan Survey, President Aquino scored his lowest national approval and trust ratings since assuming the presidency in 2010. Aquino’s March 2015 approval rating is 38% (59% in November 2014) and his trust rating is 36% (56% in November 2014). This is also the first time he got a non-majority approval and trust ratings in Ulat ng Bayan surveys.

The result of Pulse Asia’s recent survey shows that twenty percent (11% in November 2014) of Filipinos disapprove the President’s performance and twenty seven percent (13% in November 2014) of Filipinos have little or no trust on him. This translates to approximately one in four Filipinos distrusts and disapproves the President’s recent performance. Undecided on Aquino’s performance and trust ratings were 39% and 37% respectively.

Pulse Asia conducted the survey fieldwork from March 1 to 7. Among the main issues during this period are the January 25 Mamasapano SAF operation, his absence during the Arrival Honors for SAF44 and the conduct of several investigations regarding the Mamasapano incident.