President Aquino: Only those playing deaf and blind can’t feel massive transformation our country is experiencing

“Only those playing deaf and blind are those who have not felt the massive transformation our country is experiencing. This transformation came from our people who gave me a chance to render true service; and it is our people who will continue this transformation,” President Benigno Aquino III said during the graduation of Philippine Military Academy Sinaglahi Class of 2015.

“I am confident that the success we achieved together is only the beginning, that we are on our way to witnessing the sustained improvement of our society,” the Armed Forces of the Philippine Commander-in-Chief said.

President Aquino challenge the new breed of military officers, “continue the excellent work of those who have gone before you, so that their sacrifices and concern for the nation will not go to waste.

“If each and every one of you in SINAGLAHI will take a stand, and use your inherent talents and strength to match, or even surpass, the achievements of those who came before you, then we will be able to leave to the next generations of Filipinos a country that is, without doubt, in a better state than the one in which we found it.”