Malampaya’s new platform now installed

Mammoet, a services firm specialized in Engineered Heavy Logistics, reports that it recently installed the Malampaya Phase 3 Depletion Compression Platform in the West Philippine Sea for Shell Philippines Exploration. According to Mammoet, the Malampaya Depletion Compression Platform (DCP) is a brand new type of ‘self-installing platform: the platform floats into place over its end-location after which the legs are lowered onto the prepared seabed.

The new Malampaya DCP is located next to the Malampaya Shallow Water Production Platform linked by a permanent bridge, also installed by Mammoet.

The Malampaya Project is located off the coast of Northwest Palawan, a Shell-operated initiative on behalf of its joint venture partners and the Philippine government. The gas-to-power project is aiming to sustain to supply 30% of the country’s energy requirement.

The new platform will help sustain the extraction of natural gas from the Palawan basin and process it in a shallow water production platform before transporting the gas along a 504-kilometer underwater pipeline towards the onshore gas plant and eventually to its power plant customers.