NPA apologizes for injuring 2 Davao city cops in ambush: Mayor Duterte accepts, military won’t

The New People’s Army made an apology to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for the ambush incident on Sunday, March 8 that wounded two Davao City policemen from Marilog Police Station, Davao City. The incident was first after several years. Mayor Duterte said in this incident the NPA breached a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’.

“We have an agreement, that is why the police are in going and out of the hinterlands,” the mayor said. Injured cops were on their way to respond to a traffic incident.

A certain Kumander Bob from NPA explained to the mayor that one of the rebels, who fell asleep, accidentally detonated a landmine hitting a police vehicle. Kumander Bob assured the mayor it will be corrected so that no similar incident will happen again.

Duterte accepted the apology. He said “Ila na ang (It is their) internal discipline – At least it was an admirable thing that they accepted responsibility. That itself is fine with me.”

“Their apology is superficial. The issue here is that the NPA laid the mines on a busy road, disregarding the safety of civilians. It is a clear violation of the CARHRIHL which they claim they are adhering to. The premature detonation could have also hit civilian motorist plying the road.” Lt General Aurelio Baladad, Commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command said as a response to the apology.