Former President Ramos: President Aquino failed to maintain high standard of behavior

Former President Fidel V. Ramos said President Aquino was not able to hold up to the “high standard of behavior” expected from the top executive and Commander-in-Chief. He also criticized the presidential advisers who “failed in their mission to keep the President of our country up there, instead of being the target now of all kinds of criticism high and low.” The observation from the former president came after Aquino delivered his speech during a meeting with religious leaders March 9.

“If that [kind of speech] were used in a meeting of group of international leaders or even just ordinary foreigners visiting our country, the impact, including the message given, would have been so negative for our country,” Ramos said.

During the said meeting with religious leaders, the president said “maraming wishful thinking si Napenas as opposed to reality. Maliwanag sa akin: binola niya ako.”

Former President Ramos said country’s president is the ‘navigator’ and the country is the ship. “We are on board one ship and therefore our lives, including those of our families and the unborn, depend on this man called the President and as such he has a certain high standard of behavior, even paternal feelings and even leadership ascendancy over everyone in this country.”